BnB Summerkada 2017

It’s been a while since we all had an adventure together. We originally belonged to a large group, which was I think more or less 18 pax but only 6 of us were able to make this trip.

It started when our Madame Ixiang called our attention for a summer package trip she had to one of the best Philippine beaches— Puerto Galera. It costed P2,250 for a 2 days and 1 night — includes the Ferry trip back and forth, the accommodation, the Land Tour and the Island hopping.

We decided to meet at the JAM liner in Buendia at around 3 am. Since the first bus was already full, we stayed and waited for the next. It bought us time to buy candies and snacks we can chew on for the duration of the bus trip. A few minutes and we’re already settled in, paid the fair of 167 and slept most of the ride.

We arrived at Batangas port around 6:30 am. There were lots of people ALREADY. Our boat was from Father and Son. After presenting our voucher we were then given our tickets (2 way ticket) and we proceeded to the waiting area.

L to R : Chazel, Noldy, Ixiang, Gemma and Me

There were food stalls inside, you can grab a bunch and maybe get yourself filled in while waiting. In our case, Noldy bought a box of Pizza and we ate it on board.

Around 7:30 am, we were then asked to board the boat, we arrived in White Beach Puerto Galera around 10 am.


We were hungry by the time we reached the VM hotel. While waiting for our room to be ready, we had our brunch on their restaurant. Prices starts at 100 for a meal. I’d say the food was pretty delicious and worth its price. Afterwards, we got in our rooms and prepared for the land tour.

Our tour guide kuya Leo picked us up at the restaurant with an L300. Unbeknownst to us, we didn’t have anyone to share it with. We had it for ourselves! Yahoo!


First stop? Tamaraw falls. We spent the whole traveltime discussing on whether or not to go to Tukuran Falls. I saw it on a friend’s IG post (Hi DEN!) and it looks so inviting so I had to recommend it to my friends. But Kuya Leo gave us another option— He told us about this Infinity Farm. After checking some pictures online, we finally agreed it was a better choice than Tukuran falls— especially because Kuya Leo knows best. And he wouldn’t have mentioned it if it wasn’t gonna be a greater experience. Since it is an additional and not included in the package, we need to pay 300 pesos for the tour and another 100 php for the entrance fee.

jump shot

Just beside the Tamaraw falls is a big sign saying “Welcome to Puerto Galera”.

You can have a dip in Tamaraw falls if you want to, but it’s not advisable because the falls is just beside the main road. But it’s up to you guys anyways! 🙂

the “Kunwari Stolen shot”

Next destination was the awaited Infinity Farm. We stopped at a wet market on our way to buy some fish, pork, rice and ice. Kuya Leo and friends volunteered to be the one to cook our meals in the Farm.

We reached the falls 12 noon sharp. It was indeed a long drive from White Beach. It wasn’t love at first sight. There were a lot of people swimming in what looks like a pond. But as we went up, the closer we get the more beautiful it gets. It didn’t take long before I could really call it a small paradise.

DISCLAIMER: There will be a lot of photos so bear with me. We had a nonstop photoshoot— with a place like that, no one would want to waste a minute of not capturing the beauty.

The first ones that jumped into the water were Chazel and Noldy. Envious already, I was super excited to get in and dive when warned me of how cold the water is. And when I did— Dem they weren’t kidding at all! The water was ice cold! (I exaggerated a bit of course)


So this is us— strategizing how to move in the water. Since we’re almost at the top of the falls, the current was no joke. Plus there were lots of rock formations that made it hard for us to determine which part was deep and which was shallow.

Noldy lead our way, he told us were to step and where not to. I came after him, then Gemma, Chazel and Ixiang. First Tip was — never face the current or you will be washed by it. You have to face sideways.

We’re on the move


The current was too strong there were times I needed to hold onto my swimsuit— else I’ll be skinny dipping. HAHAHAHA


No words can explain the hardships I had to overcome just to be able to do this pose 😂 but YADDAH YADDAH it was all worth it.

First Stop

The water was crystal clear and super cold! I figured it maybe reason there were more people near the entrance — the water there was calmer than where we were. I like it though— I love it even. Letting myself get devoured by nature.

We had the area to ourselves for some time— we had a lot of fun and really dove into the moment, no rush or hassle at all.

We went back to our table around 1pm for lunch which was being prepared by Kuya Leo. YES! Food! I was super famished I almost thought I was born for this boodle fight! HAHA


We had grilled fish, porkchop, salted egg and tomatoes for the main course. For dessert we had watermelon and bananas!

After savouring the food, we rested for a while and took snaps— one thing no one ever forgets to do these days. 🙂

Nature love

Another good thing about this place is it’s covered with trees! Any time of the day, you can dip in the water and not get burned by the harsh sun! Very refreshing and relaxing indeed.

We carried on after lunch, going further up with the help of kuya Leo.


This was the second to the highest point you can go. The current was much stronger here and it had deeper grounds.


This was the closest I can get to the falls.

So much for a day!

After taking turns on photos, we went to the last stop.

18664271_10207196664994516_9111979478637022633_n (1)_edited.jpg

This is the best part of the Farm. A place for a good swim. I was taken a back by this beauty. God is really awesome.

ang mga Engkanto I mean Diwata HAHA


Look at our faces! We had so much fun with Nature! We spent 30 minutes in this spot just posing, swimming and playing.

Ang mga Dyosa
I love you beb!


Of Course I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing I didn’t take enough photos, so I took the opportunity while everyone was resting.


Excuse my legs, I’m spreading them because I needed to step onto the rocks so you can see me. HAHA The water is obviously super clear.


This is definitely one of the best place I’ve ever been to. Thank you Kuya Leo for taking us here. For being so patient in taking our photos. Thank you so much!

Around 4 PM we started packing up. The current became stronger as evening approaches, and even the water level was rapidly changing too. We took another hour to just relax though.

So as you can see, there’s only 5 of us in the picture but IF YOU PAID CLOSE ATTENTION I mentioned that 6 of our huge group were able to make it. This is cos Sammy just got off from a flight from Riyadh and was still on her way. Kuya Leo suggested to wait for her text message since the last trip from Batangas Pier to white beach is the 5PM schedule. She wouldn’t be able to make it even if we tried to wait. Since Calapan is closer to the infinity farm, kuya Leo suggested we drive to there to pick her up also because it was already getting dark.

Kuya Leo was super generous he even welcomed us to his home and was kind enough to offer food while we wait for our dear friend. Him and his whole family, it was almost unreal. We can’t be any more thankful that we’re in good hands.

Finally around 8pm she arrived and we went back to the White Beach. We made it to the hotel by 10pm.

L to R : Me, Gemma, Chazel, KUYA LEO, Noldy, Ixiang and Sam

This day wouldn’t be complete without a Group photo. Thank you so much Kuya Leo! ❤

Fun fact? We were wearing our wet clothes all day, From infinity farm to Puregold Calapan to Kuya Leo’s house until we got back. HAHAHA

After taking our showers, we went out for a taste of the nightlife in Galera.


A tower of their famous “Mindoro Sling ” a shisha and a plate of Sisig and Fries to end our day.


We woke up at 7 and kuya Sherwin was already waiting for us downstairs. (He was also with us Yesterday, Kuya Leo had another appointment so Sherwin’s gotta be his substitute)


Let’s do this!

To my Surprise we had our own boat! WOW just wow! This one is owned by Kuya Leo.


First stop is the starfish Island, though we didn’t stay long because we only transferred from this boat to a small one. Okay this one is without a shade or a roof.

Hi Friends!

Look at that sky, isn’t it beautiful? Okay okay this trip will definitely give me a tan— better be worth it.


We went to the Underwater cave— first thing to do was climb this rock. Be careful guys— it’s very sharp. I suggest you wear aqua shoes. You can also rent it there here incase you didn’t have any.

We went to the Underwater cave— first thing to do was climb this rock. Be careful guys— it’s very sharp. I suggest you wear aqua shoes. You can also rent it there here incase you didn’t have any.

It’s just a couple of steps and ropes are laid for you to hold on to.


You need to wait for your turn in going down inside the cave so yes if you want to take some snaps feel free to do so. 🙂


You need to go down a bamboo stairs. Be super cautious cos it’s kind of slippery.


The were dark spots inside and shallows parts. It was just a quick tour— a couple of pictures and then you’re expected to carry on and pass through.


Careful you might bump your head.

one shade darker

And out we came. 🙂 Just outside the cave, vendors were already waiting. If you haven’t had a breakfast you can grab a quick bite. A hot dog 3 for 100 and turon for 25 pesos

Off to our next adventure, the GIANT CLAM. Ohhh sounds exciting!

Our 20 minute boat ride included a free super hot meet and greet with Mr. Sun that surely made us 2-3 shades darker than when we hopped in.


Excuse my face, I can barely open my eyes because of the sun. Just look at the water. Can you see it? Yes, those are corals. It was super clear I can see everything under it. Gearing up!


All set— a snap before we jump in!

YI CAM (all black)

Here fishy fishy! It’s so amazing!!! So many fish!


The clam is in this area so it’s very deep that I have to turn of my camera to really focus on it. I don’t have a 20/20 vision so I needed to focus.

We wandered off in the area for 20-30 minutes. What’s good about this trip is we were moving. The boat kept moving around we just have to hold on and raise our feet. Amazing, really. I don’t even need to spend all my energy swimming.

Hi Kuya Sherwin! (our tour guide for Today)

This was where we placed our feet— so we won’t get to bother the corals or step on any sea urchin by accident.

Up and about to go to our last snorkeling spot—the Coral Garden!


Welcome to Coral Garden! All photos were taken from a video I filmed. Enjoy the wonders of the sea!


What are you looking at?
Finding DORY 🙂
Hi Dolphin I mean Sammy!

We went fish-gazing for 20 minutes. I saw different kinds of fishes like one with a long sword-like mouth (totally screamed when I saw one! HAHAHA that I drank an amount of salt water. And yes, it was awful) Beautiful corals all below us. I felt like I was a mermaid for a moment. I really had a great time. I loved it so much! kept saying “wow”, ” Grabe”, “galing mo God”, even with the pipe on my mouth. HAHAHA

Okay! time to eat a decent meal so we went back to the Starfish Island. There is one restaurant in the area where meal price starts at 120 per order.


We stayed here and rested while waiting for our food. Gosh I am hungry!


And a Halo-Halo for 50 pesos.


They replaced the Ube with Yema which was surprisingly good. 🙂

And now we went to our last stop, using the Kuya Leo’s boat this time. Yey! At least we wont get to spend the rest of the trip getting super tan.


Since it was very hot we didn’t stay long we just had our little photoshoot. HAHA

So let me introduce to you our models.

Sam 🙂
Yours truly Mrs D.




Love you girls!


Sexy Back 🙂
Since 2009 🙂
Then we went back to our hotel, took a nap and went to the port where we waited for our Boat ride going to Batangas.

If you guys enjoyed this blog and would like to try visit Puerto Galera or the Infinity Farm I would highly recommend Kuya Leo. See his contact below:

Facebook :

Contact number:


All in all, the tour was amazing. I had a great time! I would never forget the Falls and how amazing the underwater world is.

The Last of this adventure to be posted soon. I do not recommend the Father and Son Shipping lines guys. Because they don’t care about their passengers. Will post the story soon.

-Mrs D 💋

Masungi Georeserve Adventure

What is Masungi Georeserve?

The Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area and a rustic rock garden tucked in the rainforests of Rizal. Masungi’s name is derived from the word “masungki” which translates to “spiked” – an apt description for the sprawling limestone landscape found within.

In this sanctuary, guests will be able to commune with nature, and reenergise themselves while doing so. Wander through our pathways for an encounter with wildlife and plant species. Enjoy light snacks before exiting the trail. Learn more about the history of the place introducing you to a community rich with heritage and life.

For more info visit their website (

I’ve been wanting to go here for quite a while now, so when my Mommy asked if I want to join them on their Masungi trip, without hesitation I gladly said yes.

Since we’re scheduled for the 9:30am tour, we had to wake up early to get ready. Thanks to Waze we were able to make it. We arrived at the destination around 8:50.


After putting on sunblocks and mosquito repellent lotions, we proceeded to the reception area. Okay, so from the parking area it took us about 15-20 minutes to go to the reception area. Somewhat a long walk already, a very wonderful warm up! HAHAHA

I am advising you to take a trip to the restroom before anything else, imagine a 3 to 4-hour trail without any restroom along the way. After our trips to the restroom we were gathered at the table.

Park Ranger – Jayson

A short introduction was done by a Representative of the Masungi. Kuya Jayson gave as a brief background about the Masungi and we were told that they are not our tour guide but our Park Ranger since they are the ones who protect the area.

We were asked to observe silence all throughout the tour because we might disturb some animals or other adventurers. According to kuya Jayson, they started developing the area year 2013. Finally had it opened to the public December 2015. Yes, just a year ago. After the short briefing which I think went only for 10 minutes, we were told to pick our helmets and always always wear it. Lastly, he said “leave no trace” and we were given a bottled water each for free.

Park Ranger- Carlito

We were then introduced to our Park Ranger Carlito, he was the one assigned to accommodate us during our adventure. Before proceeding to the tour, he let us have our last trip to the restrooms.

And so the adventure begins….

First we entered Lagusan ni Ric which according to Carlito, Ric is also a Park Ranger who uses the trail every day so it was named after him.

17392142_1316068985147655_1134972253_n (1)

Paroot is an animal usually seen in this area. So they obviously named the stop after it. First challenge.

There in Paroot lay a rope like web we’re going to climb. First we were asked to brush all our shoes to maintain the cleanliness of the ropes. And tada! it’s time to climb. It can hold a max of 3 pax at the same time. There would be no body support so you will have to do it by yourself. Don’t worry there is an alternative route— the stairs.

17351322_1313944585360095_1636947097_n.jpgWe walked and walked before finally reaching the famous SAPOT. it is a big Spider Web like viewing platform. You can get a spectacular view of Laguna de Bay – the biggest lake in the Philippines – and the amazing colors of the trees. We were given 15 minutes to enjoy the area.

look at that face! HAHAHA

This stone formation is just beneath the Sapot, this is not really a part of the tour. This is one of the “Buwis Buhay Shot”. Be careful, it’s really deep down there.

We then passed this long bridge.


Don’t worry there are some resting spots along the way. Duyans are provided as well if you want to lay down for a while, or catch your breathe- like me.

Breathe in, Breathe out
PArk Ranger, Ruben

Along the way we met Park Ranger Kuya Ruben. According to kuya Carlito later we will pass a cave which he (kuya Ruben) discovered himself. Exciting, right?

Heart Shaped ❤

I had to post this – so cute.

See the pictures above? Those are woods, branches scattered around the area, this is how Ruben dealt with them. According to Carlito – he does this so that it will be pleasing to the eyes, and this way it will deteriorate and be a fertilizer. 17237075_1373408686013993_1484220476_o_edited.jpg

This area is called the KUWAGO.

(owl. n. a bird having a big head, big eyes, and a short-hooked beak)

Because according to kuya this is the shape of their nest.


It was named KUWAGO also because this is where they are usually spotted.


Sad to say, along the way I got injured. I can barely fold my legs. It was so hard because majority of the trail is stairs. Imagine me trying to go up and down the stairs without folding my knees, hard right? But I kept going.


Another web like rope we need to climb.

From left: Tita Tess, Tita Grace, Papa, Mommy, Gerri, Vino and yours truly 🙂

Look at that view! It was all worth it!

Next challenge….17349217_10154731270209340_1689253432_o_edited.jpg

Going down the other side. Still using the web-like rope here. There is still no harness or anything to support you, so be careful.


I maybe smiling because I am really excited and happy about this adventure, but deep down I am also praying that nothing will happen to me, because like what I’ve said – I was already injured.


Welcome to the famous DUYAN.

(duyan :cradle, hammock, swing)


A very long Duyan. I almost dropped my cellphone Thanked God my hands are quick!

Enter a caption

If you are afraid of heights, Don’t look down. Don’t you dare.

While waiting for the others, you can just relax and enjoy the scenery. We were very lucky because it was not a sunny day, rather windy! A little bit cold, actually.



You have to walk your way through the Duyan, Don’t worry handles are provided above you. Grab them so it will be ,much easier for you. Like what my father is doing in the picture.

Just keep walking.

Pak Ganern!

This is the air house. A house like form in between two bridges. So basically it is a floating house.


Inside the air house, in a panorama style. Such a beauty, right?

Not to mention it was really relaxing inside, the view is breathtaking!


Next stop….


This is the cave discovered by Ruben. Only a small portion of the cave is accessible for the tourist. Because some areas have bats in them, they want to preserve everything.


Entrance to Ruben’s cave is very romantic, scented candles and lamps are lit up. It gave me a relaxing and happy vibes.

17311804_1312801248807762_2036439690_o_edited.jpgWishing well inside Ruben’s Cave. I did throw a coin over there. 🙂


Up up we go.

peace out!

Whenever we have a stop over I make sure to relax my legs for a while. They’re killing me!


This is TATAY ( Father), this is the highest point accessible at the moment. Tatay is 600 meters above sea level. According to Carlito Masungi is actually 1500 hectares trail, but as of the moment 300 hectares is the only accesibles since they are still developing the other areas. Originally there were 25 people working for the development of the area, since it was a really hard job – they are now down to 8. God bless them!

This is not the Peek yet. I was almost there but didn’t go up anymore because of the pain I feel on my legs. But it’s okay. the view here is already enough to be thankful for. The rest of my family went up while I stayed here and waited.


Next stop is Nanay, I wanted to go up there but Carlito and my Papa were worried.

I saw how worried my Papa was. I was trying to hide the pain but he knew otherwise.

I wanted to but I know I shouldn’t, I need to rest my knees. it’s already too painful to bear. I agreed to stay behind. I don’t want to push my limits because we were very far away. If something happens, I don’t want to be a burden. I need this time to relax and gain my energy.

Teary eyed HUHU

While waiting, I enjoyed the silence and the solitude the area brings. The sounds of the trees dancing with the wind is overflowing. God is really amazing. His creation is wonderful.


NANAY (mother) peek the second tallest. This is what I’ve missed. But it’s okay. At Least I was able to rest for a little bit longer.


Last challenged is the BAYAWAK (monitor Lizard)

It is a rope shaped like the Bayawak. It took 3 months to build.

I have two choices, either go down via Bayawak or via stairs. I choosed the Bayawak because it is challenging and an adventure. Also because it would be easier for me. I don’t have to bend my knees every step. It depends on how far will I put my other leg. So, therefor it is easier.

I don’t have a picture because I was the first one to do it, with Carlito beside me.

Thanked God I made it!



There are restrooms finally! Food is included in the Package.

Bananas, Greens, Tuna spread, wheat bread and Juice!


I was given a hot bag for my knees. Thank you!

We stayed there for a while before finally proceeding to the exit.

17342196_1373412456013616_492831523_o.jpgI am so happy! Almost there!

Again I was given options – use the stairs or use the SNAKE ( a new attraction they are still developing). I said I’ll have the stairs since I don’t want any special treatment. I want to finish this.

Gerri (my Sister), Vino (her boyfriend), and me

Goofing around while we are having a quick break.


This is a Snap of the Snake trail.


I made it, I was able to finish it! I am so happy and proud of myself. I may be injured and limping -I don’t care! What I accomplished that day is incomparable. Every step of the way is worth it. Every view makes me feel so blessed to be alive. I am so grateful for this experienced.

For those who are nature lovers, those who are searching for their soul, those who needs to have some peace of mind or solitude, those who want an adventure – THIS IS THE PLACE for you.

We’ve been told that soon enough there will be camping on the area, a tour that will take you 2 days to finish. I want that. I will be back!

for more infos, Bookings and reservations kindly visit there website :

I hope you had a great time!


-Mrs. D  💋

JCD’s Palawan Escape

Hello! I’m about to share our 5 days 4 nights Pawalan Escape. It includes 2 nights in El Nido and 2 nights in Puerto Prinsesa. You might want to check it out.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Since we are from Manila, we travelled by plane to Palawan. I bought our tickets in the “piso fare” promo of Cebu Pacific last year— luckily I was fast enough to book. Ticket price was only P 2,400 for the both of us back and forth Manila already. The original price of plane tickets from Manila is usually around P 4,000 – P 6,000 one way per pax. Like I’ve got our tickets for 600 one way per pax.


Our departure to Puerto Prinsesa was 11:30 AM and the time of our arrival was 12:50 PM. We were picked up at the airport by Miroju Transport via Van. We stopped at their office for like 10 minutes (8-10 minutes’ drive away from the Airport). You can buy candies or breads at the nearby stores or use the restrooms.


Travel time to El Nido from Pueto Prinsesa was 5 to 6 hours. I would advise you to take Bonamin tablet because mind me, it’s going to be a roller coaster ride! The driver memorized all the left and right turns of the road, speed is like 120 kph. Oh don’t worry, they have a common stop point where you can stretch out your body, eat, rest, use the comfort room or just enjoy the view— and by view I mean a majestic one. (see photo)

First Stop Over

We arrived at our destination around 7:30 PM. Exhausted? Yeah, but more like excited. We checked in at the Milan Grace Inn— 5 minutes walk from the beach. The room looks like the normal motel rooms without television. It’s just a bed for two, small table and a restroom inside. Don’t worry it’s air-conditioned.

We didn’t stay at the Hotel because we have a busy Itinerary, we just want somewhere we can sleep well. (sorry I wasn’t able to take a picture of the room.) Around 8:30 we walked our way to the beach front. A lot of restaurants offers grilled seafoods. You’ll see a lot of foreigners too! Someone told me that “In El NIdo there is 70% Foreigners and 30% Natives.” I think it’s true. Most of the tourists are Russians.

Since it’s really crowded and restaurants were in full house we waited beside a table by the beach. And while standing there we saw an old couple enjoying the night together. The man asked me, “how long have you been married?”. “Almost two, sir”. His wife said something I will never forget. She said, “Marriage makes 3! God, your husband and you! We’ve been married for 47 years now.” They are so sweet!

First thing I ordered was the “CROCODILE SISIG”. It’s so yummy!!!!!! Taste like Chicken. (see photo)

Crocodile Sisig

We stayed there for a while enjoying the breeze of the ocean under the stars.

Jarace Grill, El Nido

Day 2

“Each one of the El Nido Tours A, B, C, D will take you on a journey to explore a specific part of the islands surrounding El Nido. You will discover beautiful and preserved islands, clear water lagoons, white sand beaches, snorkeling sites and their hundred of fishes and coral species…

To put in a nutshell, the island hopping tours will introduce you to everything that makes El Nido such a tropical paradise. It definitely is a must-do while you spend your vacations here!”

Tour Packages

This day, we were scheduled for Tour A, unfortunately the weather was not so good. The wind was strong so was the waves. But the Coast Guard didn’t cancel the Tours so we pushed through although we were told to come back at 2 PM (supposedly 4PM).

Let’s go!

Boat Ride

First stop was the Big Lagoon, 15-20 minutes boat ride. Upon arriving you have 2 choices, either you swim or kayak. You can rent a Kayak for P 300. Because boat are just outside the main entrance of the Big Lagoon. You have to go inside to see the Lagoon itself. Me and my husband decided to swim our way to the Big Lagoon. Bad decision at that time because the waves were so strong. Lucky for me my husband carried me through the entrance. 

Outside the Big one 🙂
Walking our way to the BIg Lagoon

From the entrance you will be walking for about 5 minutes to the Lagoon. The water is so clear, you’ll see small fishes swimming around you. Water is about 3ft. Just be careful because there are corals and see urchins around.


Can you see the Urchins?

And TADAAAAA! The big Lagoon! You can go snorkeling around the area, or just swim and enjoy the paradise, or you can be like me. I was so mesmerized with the scenic view and ended up taking alot of pictures and videos.

A kissed inside the Big Lagoon

Next stop, the Small Lagoon 5-10 minutes ride from where we were last. It’s obviously a smaller version of this paradise. You also have 2 options Kayak or swim. But they advised us to use Kayak this time. So we did! There were 2 types of Kayaks available— the big 1 good for 4-5 persons for P500 and the small one that is good for 2-3 persons for 300. We rented the small Kayak.

Off we go!

Only one paddle! Goodluck hubby! 🙂

Since the wind was strong we had a bit of a hard time going into the Small Lagoon. There was a small entrance (sorry I wasn’t able to take picture of it), it’s an opening between two rocks.

Almost there!

We enjoyed the Small Lagoon better than the Big Lagoon. You can leave your kayaks on the side if you wish to do some snorkeling, or just paddle around since it is a wide area. Fishes can be territorials according to our tour guides and they tend to bite. My husband was bitten. He said it stung a little — there was also a visible red dot which lasted for quite a while. I have videos available— will post the link here once I uploaded it.

It’s a paradise indeed. The calmness of the water, fresh air and the vibes it can give is amazing. very relaxing indeed.

HEY! Lunch for the Tours are included so no worries! If you are a seafood lover, then voala! Enjoy the fresh seafoods and fruits! On our tour we had; Adobong Pusit, Grilled Tuna, Calamares, Roasted Chicken, Watermelon, Pineapple and Royal and Coke for drinks..

Sadly the weather didn’t get better until we were off to our last stop which was the 7 Commando Island. Unfortunately we didn’t stay too long because the place was too crowded. Instead we went to the Papaya Island just beside it 7 Commando. And we like I said, Palawan really doesn’t disappoint as this one too definitely a beauty! The sand was so fine you’d mistake it for baby powder.


There are also stores where you can buy Fresh buko Juice. Activities in Papaya were all but Picture taking, sunbathing and snorkeling.

Since the weather was bad, look what I’ve got. Coral kissed my legs. I have 5 wounds and 1 bruise.


I don’t care. Its nothing compared to what I just witnessed that day. GOD really is amazing. his creations are so beautiful.

Since Today is Valentine’s day we had dinner at Sea Jane Resto Bar and summed up the day with a bottle of beer and a walk at the beach under the stars.


HEY! I forgot to tell you, there were a lot of vendors too! They mostly sell pearls (bracelets, earrings etc.) If you wanna buy, just bargain they will give it to you at a very cheap price. Believe me, from 500 you can have it for 250 to 200.

Day 3

That day we were scheduled for Tour C, but the weather didn’t really cooperate. All island tours were cancelled by the coast guard. We have 2 options— either go to Nacpan Beach or the falls (forgot the name sorry). Since were scheduled to go back to Puerto Prinsesa that night, we’ve decided to go back earlier at 1 PM. We were so tired of Yesterday’s tour so we’d rather go back early to PPS because we know that the long ride is also gonna be tiring! HAHA

So at 10 AM we were strolling around the beach already.

Vendors In El Nido are usually kids! Since El Nido is a small area I bumped into two of my friends, Nina and Hazel. 🙂

Even though I have a very Upset stomach Today I would never say no to FOOD.

Homemade Crepes

This is one of my favorite besides the Crocodile Sisig, the Nutella Mango Crepe.

We bought T-shirts with El Nido slogans for us and our son— each cost P230 and you get to choose the Logo.

El Nido, Palawan

Bye for now, El Nido.

We arrived at Westville Tourist Inn around 8 PM. I was not feeling well because of my stomach but hey! I wanted to eat so we rode a tricycle going to “KINABUCH” — because according to the Manager of the Inn we are staying in, it’s where Tourists go, and it was really crowded! The ride costs P20, P10 each. In El Nido, tricycle rides are really expensive! The place is big but it was in full house so again, we’ve waited for about 30 minutes. I wasn’t able to take photos of the food because I really wasn’t feeling well. Food tasted good yes, but not as good as in El Nido.


Day 4

That day we went to see the famous “Puerto Prinsesa Underground River”. We were picked up at around 8:00 AM. Because according to the Agency we have to get in the line first. I think it was a 2 hour drive from the City proper. there was a 1 stop for you to buy an off lotion (it’s a must be because of the timely Malaria) or use the comfort rooms.

When we arrived at the dock there were a lot of people already. We were on the 47th. You have to be grouped by 6— the maximum capacity the boat can accommodate — the one to take you to the island where the PPUR is located. We waited for about 2 hours before it was our turn.

The wind was strong and so was the waves— I’m getting sea sick already plus my very upset stomach is not cooperating. After almost half an hour boat ride we finally arrived! Yey!

Were here!

At the entrance you will see a lot of Monkeys! you will also be given a Voice Recorder that you will use inside the Underground River.

Before entering the UR you will have to ride a boat, group of 10 per boat plus the Boatman.

It was amazing!!!! especially the “Cathedral” Imagine how it was shaped naturally without the help of human beings.. The formation of rocks, the amazing curves of the cave wall. The wonderful structure of the Underground River is really amazing! The cave stands so tall! Different species of bats can be found inside. You are not allowed to put your hands outside the boat even into the water because some say that there are ills underneath. No wonder it is one of the “Eight Wonders of the World”.

The tour took a total of 45 minutes. We got to go back to the dock after. Lunch is again included on the tour but this time I really wasn’t able to eat. I kept coming back to the comfort room for.. well you know what. HAHA

On our way back— we stopped at some famous places along the way and we had options to go to Ugong Rock

“One of the tourist attractions of Puerto Princesa in Palawan west of the Philippines is the Ugong Rock limestone formation tour. Ugong Rock can be reached from the city of Puerto Princesa within 2 hrs or less by van or any land vehicle. The limestone formation is just a few hundred meters away from the main road to Sabang.

Ugong Rock is community-based sustainable tourism project initiated by ABS-CBN Foundation-Bantay Kalikasan in partnership with the City of Puerto Princesa and the Department of Tourism with the support of Pasyar-PNNI, PCC, City Tourism Council, Barangay Council and IDEAS. It is managed by the Tagabinet Community Tourism Association, Inc.

Ugong Rock is a Seventy five-foot limestone formation in the midst of farmlands and karst forests or forests growing on limestone substrate in Barangay Tagabinet. A place once sleepy community of indigenous peoples. The word “ugong” stands for the reverberating sound (similar to a bell) that stalactites produce inside the cavernous structures of Ugong Rock when hit or pounded with  the knuckles or the palm”-

Activities here are Zipline, Picture taking, Halo-halo food tripping and Caving.

with an upset stomach I still tried the Caving! Always wanted to try so let’s go.

Difficulty level? I think is 4/10, really, it’s not that hard specially if you are a sporty type of person it would be a piece of cake.

I had fun because our tour guide (can’t remember his name) was very funny! He was also the one who kept on insisting to take photos of us. Very accommodating too! You also have options on whether you will go back to the caves or just take zip line for a faster way.16990283_1172459009519008_1519228160_o

Open Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Rates: Caving and spelunking – P200

Zipline– P250

Rappelling – P200

Rock climbing- P200

We arrived at our Inn around 6 PM. We had an hour to prepare for our next adventure. The Ihawig Firefly Watching. Dinner was also included in this tour. We were super excited!

We were picked up at 7:30 PM, we arrived at Ihawig at around 8:30 PM. As always there was a long line for the registration17015239_1172458936185682_136586693_o

Both can carry at least 3 person plus the boat man. In our case it just me my husband and the boat man/tour guide Fred.

It was scary at first, imagine you are riding a small boat in the middle of the river without any lights. The cold breeze of the wind, stars so beautiful shining right down on you, the fresh air from the trees, the inner peace the river brings, and the sound that the paddle makes as it shove into the water was overwhelming.

Boatmen are well trained individuals who offer to do the tours out of their passion for nature.

Fireflies live in abundance amongst the mangroves and trees, which are perfectly situated along the banks of the Sicsican and Iwahig Rivers. This location is ideal as it is away from the light pollution experienced in the city. Then the first set of fire flies lit up… They are so many, it was a natural Christmas tree on a February night. It was so beautiful, very romantic experience for couples.

Plus a side trip! The Iwahig river has clean brackish water (salt+fresh) and its continuously flowing making it viable for planktons.

16990614_1294633797291174_1856646222_o.jpg(sorry I wasn’t able to take photos because I’m afraid I might drop my camera/cellphone into the river)

After the 30-45 minutes tour at the river we went to a restaurant where we were scheduled to eat. But because of my very upset stomach I stayed inside the van instead and slept, while waiting for others to finish their food.

Day 5

That day we had an option to go to the Honda Bay in the morning because we are scheduled to do the City tour at 1 PM before heading back to Manila. But we’ve decided not to, aside from the reason that I am not feeling well we were already tired. (growing old problems).

We spent the morning at the rooftop of Westville Tourist Inn, it has a very nice atmosphere. You are surrounded with trees, the air is so refreshing, staffs are very friendly more of these on my next blog. 🙂16935934_1172458996185676_661516956_o

For lunch we rode a tricycle to A & A Plaza hotel to eat. Food are very cheap but the taste is so delicious!

At 1 PM we were picked up by our Tourist guide, first stop the Crocodile farm and Nature Park.16990386_1172458932852349_1483926226_o

16935693_1294533273967893_580104320_o.jpgWhen we got to the reception area, there was this huge crocodile skin and skeleton but another thing that caught my eye was the skull of a the Crocodile. It was amazing to see the massive skeleton.


Then the tour guide started explaining what the skeleton was and what the Crocodile Farm is doing there, and we started to walk. First we went inside the Hatching House. We saw freshwater Crocodiles and the Saltwater Crocodiles.

Next we went up to a bridge walkway where we could see from atop different crocodiles.

They are so big and scary!

We were not able to explore the whole farm because we had very limited time, we stayed there for about 30 minutes and then went off to the next Mitra’s Ranch.

Mitra’s ranch is owned by the family of the late Senator Ramon Mitra, this is a popular tourist destination in Palawan. Located in Sta Monica Heights, this piece of paradise offers a stunning view of Puerto Princesa City. There is a view deck on top of the hill and it’s open to everyone who wants to have a relaxing time. Horses are everywhere, you can also do ziplining.

If you want to enter the house you will be asked to take your shoes off for the preservation of the place. And the entrance fee is P20.

There you will see Portraits of the Mitra’s family.


Mr & Mrs Mitra VS Mr & Mrs Dedel


Next stop the Baker’s Hill

Another popular destination in Sta Monica Heights is the Baker’s Hill. Although the site is actually a theme park, Baker’s Hill is most famous for the baked goodies they offer at a very reasonable price. A box of Hopia for P45.00 and it’s very delicious!

If you want to buy pasalubong, you might want to drop by. They offer all sorts of food products — cashew nuts, hopia, brownies, breads. There are also few restaurants in the area.

Next Stop is Souvenir Shop.

We were so excited to buy cashew nuts because believe me it’s very cheap. Unfortunately it’s sold out. So instead we just bought some Ref Magnets and keychains for pasalubong it cost P10 each. You can also buy Tshirts and Bags. Bought one for our baby boy that costs P230. Pearls are all over the area from P15 to a P1000. There are so many things you can buy in there.

We drove along the City Baywalk in Puerto Princesa which looked like the Baywalk here in Manila. You’ll see some fishing boats but no real water sport activities. This place offers are a lot of food stalls and said that gets really busy at night. This place also offers rent a bicycle so you can pedal around the area.

Next is the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, as much as I wanted to go inside, the tour guide suggested that we proceed directly to the Airport because it was already 5:00Pm and our flight was at 6:30 PM. We didn’t want to miss our flight so we agreed to it.


Bye Palawan! Till we see you again! 🙂

Hello Guys! As promised here is our
We got our package at P8,490 pex par but because we didn’t get to have the Tour C it’s less P1,100. Our total Package was at P7,390/pax only. It’s a 5 day trip, 2 nights in El Nido and 2 nights in Puerto Prinsesa! Great deal right??

Plus almost all tours already includes Lunch! Firefly watching tour includes Dinner buffet as well. Van transfers in included!

Ms. Camille— the owner, is very accommodating, she kept on checking us out everyday. She reminds us of our pick up time. I think it was very kind of her. It’s our first time in the area and she is very responsive of our inquiries. Very very kind of her.

Thank you Local Escapes Travel and Tours!

in case you guys want to check it out here is their FB page

her mobile number is 0917-8882-925


-Mrs. D 💋