Lily and her precious furbabies 😭

It was after watching the Movie “MAX”—

A Malinois dog that helped American Marines in Afghanistan returns to the United States and is adopted by his handler’s family after suffering a traumatic experience.

read more about it at :

— that my husband decided he wanted to have a dog. (And not just some dogs, fyi. He actually wanted something like Max) He then asked me to email and inquire about German Shepherds. To cut the story short, we ended up with Dutch Shepherd (Male) named Bourdoux and German Shepherd named Lily (female).


Last March Lily was in her ‘in heat’ period. And you all know what this means! My husband eagerly looked for a partner. Lucky for us we have a friend— Joey’s colleague (K9 trainings) Doc Rod. He let us mate his dog Brewsky to our dear lily.

I was super thrilled! But my excitement was nothing compared to my husband’s. Every day he would check Lily’s out and would asked me for any change I might notice in her body.

A month passed, we went to the vet. No matter how much I tell him that I can see some changes- he still wanted to make sure. The vet on duty tried to touch and feel lily’s tummy. She said she can’t feel anything— which literally made my husband’s face into a noticeable frown on our way home. I told him we will come back next week and that maybe it was just too early.

For a week, I’ve been hearing a lot of complaining from my husband so I decided to go with him and take Lily to the vet AGAIN and have a pregnancy ultrasound. He was super excited. Finally the vet confirmed it. It felt so good! Real good! all the excitement filling in and the happiness almost like having our own baby as well. HAHA


After that, my husband’s grin was like a 5 year old rewarded with lollipop. He was beaming goofily all the way home. 🙂
Everyday we would talk about Lily and the puppies, how we would take care of them. What they would look like or the characteristics they will have. Every single day.

And come to May 1. I was away on a vacation with my father— I received a call from my husband that Lily was on labor. WHICH CAN’T HAPPEN THEN, because she was 1 week away from her due date. That would mean that the babies will be born premature.

He said he saw Lily and felt something was wrong. That’s when he noticed she was starting to give birth! Her first furbaby boy was dead. They tried to save it. He went to the vet immediately. But the vet refused to give any medication and told my husband that they can’t do anything about it. that he should just wait for the other babies to come out, and told him to go home. REALLY? WHO WOULD SAY THAT?

II can hear the sadness in his voice, I wanted to cry. I was so far away from him then. I want to be there for my husband and our dear Lily. I prayed and prayed.

Another call, another male furbaby, this time he was breathing. He gave us hope. I can hear the little bit of happiness in my husband’s voice. Though the puppy seemed weak, it was fighting for it’s life.

Little Brewsky Fighting for his life

And another call – a total of 7 puppies 5 of them were female and 2 of them were male. Only one survived. I stayed up all night comforting my husband. I can feel his world crashing down. I tried to be brave for him. I tried not to cry while talking to him but deep down, I am breaking into pieces.

Bye furbabies ….

Our furbaby Little Brewsky stayed and fought for his life for 2 days.

Lily and Little Brewsky

I wasn’t able to see any of them. I went home and hugged Lily for a while. She put her head on my shoulder and stayed like that for a couple of minutes.

I felt so sorry for her. She was looking for her puppies. She had a lot of milk to give and feed them. She was a good mother to them. She wasn’t able to enjoy and care for her puppies. 6 of them were dead when they came out. it was so heartbreaking.

We had some misgivings, we didn’t anticipate the heat outside. Maybe, she was stressed out by how hot it is. We know that by now and completely regret that what we did isn’t enough.

We learned our lesson… the hard way. We’re gonna be better moving forward. But right now, all we can hope for is Lily’s fast recovery. I may not know what’s on her mind but as a mother I know it is very difficult for her.

And so our only goal right now is to show Lily how much we love her and that we will always have her back. AJA!!


-Mrs. D 💋

Celebrating Love & Happiness

A month to go, I needed to come up with Idea. An idea to surprise my husband or atleast make him feel special on our 2nd Wedding anniversary. I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while. I was only hired recently and my first payroll will be on the 25th of MArch, while the anniversary is on the 21st.

I was thinking of ordering something from our favorite Restaurant and setting up somewhere in the house – whether on the terrace or in the parking area. The Idea is a romantic dinner with candles and christmas lights. I was thinking of renting a projector so that we can watch some movies while having our dinner. I was able to come up with this Idea with the help of my sister, Gerri.

So here’s what happened.


I was asking around for a Projector I can rent. Luckily I have my Fairy GodMother to the rescue.  Crossing my fingers!

March 1, 2017

A dear friend of mine posted something…..


It is a Lebron James 10 shoes! I remember my husband trying the exact same shoes when we went to the mall, he really wanted it that time but the only available color is white. He would have bought it if it was black. Not to mention my husband is a die hard fan of Lebron James – well obviously. HAHA Luckily my husband is size 11! And Kevin (my Friend) is selling the same size! Kevin is an avid fan of Kobe Bryant, he bought it cos maybe he likes the style? But when he had it, he changed his mind maybe? HAHA yes! A solid fan of Kobe Bryant – he decided to sell it out instead and buy a new one of the different style probably Kobe Bryant Shoes.


I immediately texted him, chatted him but he wasn’t answering. I’m so nervous since there are a lot of interested buyers already. I chatted his Girlfriend as well— my NBFF. (Hi Jeiel!) I asked her if she could help me talk to Kevin about the shoes. I was so worried since my payroll will be so damn late which can be a factor he’ll have to consider on choosing the buyer.

After waiting for hours he finally responded, he worked night shift that’s why he wasn’t able to reply to my messages earlier that day. So I asked if he would let me have the shoes for the anniversary surprise I was planning for my husband. But I also explained about the payroll situation. Since he is a dear friend of mine, he said yes right away! He agreed to give me the shoes much earlier than the payment date.

I am so happy!!! thank you Kevin! Thank you so much Keb and JL! I love you both!!

March 3, 2017

As I was talking to another friend of mine who happened to be a Chef. I came up with another idea— I wanted to cook for him. I want to make this night special, I want to make him feel special. So I asked Chef Lester if he could help me out with the menu and so on so forth.
Screenshot_1.png We were talking random stuff about food so yeah obviously we LOVE food SO MUCH. HAHA Without having second thoughts, he immediately said yes. He asked me what we usually want to eat. Then we’ve decided a full course meal.

Appetizer: Caribbean Wings

Main Course: BArbeque Ribs & Mashed Potato

Dessert: Panna Cotta

Snacks: Beef Nachos

Since I don’t have the money for the groceries. I told my husband about the dinner. I told him that I wanted to cook for him to make it more special. I told him I will go to Trinoma on March 10 to canvass for the groceries. It was also his rest day so I asked him to watch over our son instead of coming with me. I told him I will be quick and the element of surprise will be gone if he comes.

MArch 10, 2017

The date I will meet Kevin we decided to meet at 3:30 PM since he will coming from the office (6-2pm Shift).

17455085_1321037681317452_2120604412_o.jpgPretty excited here! Still trying to document things though, you know— for my blog of course. HAHA

I did some canvassing while waiting for my friend. I have Chef Lester on my cellphone guiding me to the things that I’ll be needing.

Hi Brodd!! Thank you sa SB treat! 🙂

So this is Kevin guys, my handsome and very kind friend. 😛 No kidding! He treated me on Starbucks that day — lucky for me it was his pay day! We did some catching up for a while. Talked about his girl JL and our friends. We’ve been friends since 2009 — and belong to a group called Bhes & Brodds – obviously it is a group consists of Girls and Boys. We didn’t see each other much though, everyone is busy with their own lives. thanks to Facebook and Instagram we get to keep in touch!

I was actually nervous at that moment, I was scared that someone ( a friend of my husband) might see me with him – take some pictures and send it to him. HAHA I saw one of our common friend. I was hoping she didn’t see me. HAHA although my husband knew Kevin and wouldn’t get mad. He knew me too well. I was afraid that he will have an idea about the shoes.

After 30 minutes or so we bid goodbye to each other.

On my way home I was texting Jeon (my brother in-law) and Gracia ( his girlfriend). I asked them to hide the shoes. Seems luck is on my side when I arrived home — Joey and JC were sleeping. Easy for us to sneak the shoes inside the house.

March 18, 2017

I told my husband that Jeon asked me to ask around for a projector for his project and that a friend of mine happen go have one. So I needed to meet her and a time for me to go out as well. Since it is for academic purposes, he couldn’t do anything.

Together with my son I went out with this Amazing woman to get the Projector and to bond as well. We had a date! Thank you Mom (She’s not really my mother but I call her that way, we all do #TeamYueken). JC and I had a great time!


March 19, 2017

Went to the grocery before my class because I need to marinade the Wings and Ribs overnight. I have a coaching at 6pm and a class at 7m-11pm. We went to the groceries around 2 pm and we finished at around 5 pm.

Sent all the ingredients (pictures) to Chef Lester. I WAS SO DEAD. Bought the wrong kind of RIBS! I bought the PORK ribs not the beef one. SO screwed. He wanted to change the menu but I told him to just push through the plan. Since it will be an additional uniqueness to my Menu. HAHAHA so me!

My coaching was finished at around 6:30 pm. I only had 30 minutes to do the marinade. I was able to marinade the wings first. Decided to set aside the Ribs, I’ll take care of it later.


Around 12 midnight, I was able to finally marinade the Ribs. Thanks to my friend Chef Lester who texted me all the steps — I just followed it. after Marinating the Ribs I did the Panna Cotta— our dessert. I finished around 2 AM and went straight to bed! Nervous and excited for Tomorrow.

March 20, 2017

The Day I’ve been waiting for. I was waiting for Chef Lester. He was busy that day so I was really nervous. Originally we’ll start at 6PM but since the Chef is really busy we started around 8 PM.

While waiting for him, I asked for my accomplices Jeon and Grace to help me set up the place. Basically it was supposed to be at the terrace but the stairs made it too tedious especially if I will bring plates and all upstairs. So we changed the location. My sister Gerri suggested to do it inside the house – at our TV area. So I did!

Borrowed Mama’s Christmas Lights which I fortunately found in the storage area. HAHA I asked Jeon and Gracia to buy some paraphernalias as well.



Same as last night, Chef Lester texted me the steps I needed to do and just followed them all.

Caribbean Wings

Want to learn how to do it yourself? Check it at:

Barbeque Ribs (PORK)
Creamy Mashed Potato

Want to learn how to do it yourself? Check it at:

Panna Cotta

want to learn how to do it yourself? check it out at:

cheesy beef nachos

want to learn how to do it yourself? check it out at:

And for the drinks we had some Iced tea 🙂

Scented candles 🙂

While preparing our dinner, Jeon and Gracia arranged the candles. This is where he would be walking his way to the location.

17430874_1321037821317438_1978962732_o.jpgWhite and Pink crepe papers for the dangling thingy effect. Christmas light to give a romantic vibe. We did 1 heart shaped. Curtains to cover up the other room and the Television. Laptop lap desks for our foods. A laptop and projector for the movie. For our comfort I used our sons foam and a comforter and some pillows.

Almost ready! I asked him to get dressed as well. I managed to make an invitation for our dinner date. 🙂


I dressed up as well. Got teary eyed when I saw him. HAHAHA

He was really surprised, though he knew that I will be cooking for him he didn’t know that I’ll be setting up some surprise for him.

My Love ❤

We watched the Resident Evil Final Chapter since we’ve been watching the sequel for nights now. this was the last we’ve yet to watch.

At 12 o’clock midnight we greeted each other “Happy second Anniversary” and I asked him to get me some water.

There behind the curtain was the LJ10 shoes. I waited for him to come back holding his shoes. I have it in a video. I cried at his reaction. It was all worth it.

17670503_1330123220408898_1067010431_o_editedSorry! it’s dark I know.

He asked me a lot of questions though. When did I bought it? Where? How? where did I hid it all this time?
17670711_1330115020409718_108932396_oHe immediately tried it out.

I was emotional at that moment. It was a first gift I was able to give him after 2 years of being married. Even when we were still dating I wasn’t able to give him much. I would treat him a jolly hotdog or two. A shirt from Bench or Folded and Hung (which is not really his type of brand) and lots of letters. This is the first time I was able to give him something I knew he really wanted. And I worked hard for the money. my first salary after 2 years! 🙂 Proud of myself! Yey!

Thank you Gerri, Kevin and JL, Lester, Jeon and Gracia and Mama!

Happy Second Anniversary my love, Thank you for taking care of me and JC. I love you so much! ❤


-#PROUD Mrs. D 💋


The Guy Who…….

“Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.”
Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

Since it’s almost Valentine’s my first blog is about Love. ❤

We girls always have that Ideal man in our minds, The-Guy-Who will love you, The-Guy-Who will take care for you, The-Guy-Who will make you fall in love over and over again. That one (1) Guy who will sweep you off your feet.

After all the heartbreaks I’ve been through, God finally answered my prayers. It was the most unexpected moment, in an unexpected place.

I finally found the ONE (1). The-Guy-Who respects me, The-Guy-Who loves me, The-Guy-Who cares for me, The-Guy-Who I will spend the rest of my lifetime with.

Let me share to you my short collection–these are  pictures of my Husband and I, entitled:


Flaws and all, he showed me nothing but acceptance and love.

I may look “okay” on the outside but there are battles inside me I face everyday. Battles within myself whether I am good enough or not, whether I am doing just fine or terribly bad. But my husband, he accepts every flaw I have. he never made me feel less of a person. No matter how awful I get. He always makes me feel that I am perfect, I am beautiful, I am sexy and I am the only woman he loves.

 ” ‘Yang kasungitan mo, ‘yang pagiinarte mo, pagiging childish mo, tanggap ko yan. Hindi ikaw yung Carlang minahal ko kung hindi ka ganyan.”

“Eh ano kung tumaba ka? hindi ko naman napapansin kasi sakin sexy ka pa din, yang stretchmarks mo mahal ko yan! Dahil jan meron akong Baby JC!”

He can turn my frown into a smile, tears into happiness.

One thing I love about this guy, he never says no to the things that would make me happy. I know if he could give me the World without hesitation, he would. Just like that. And I know I’ll do the same for him.

On our early months in the relationship, he often talks of having me as his wife.

Months into relationship and he was not afraid to talked about our future together. He often says that Me and his family are his reasons to go on with life.

He respects me.

He has his temper, yes. But he never yelled at me. Not even once. He respects my decisions and my beliefs.

Self confess picture addict. 

I belong to the 99% percent Selfie addict people, while he belongs to that 1% left of the population. But I am thankful enough that he participates on my gimmicks and trips. I hate “KJs”, like duuuh it’s just a picture. Not like it’s gonna kill you or anything.  I just want to capture the moment ye know?.

He is now practicing how to take instagrammable photos because of me. *wink*

Make God  the center of your relationship.

There was a time that I got mad at him because of something, I was pregnant back then.

“Simba tayo.” he said. And as the Priest said the word “PEACE BE WITH YOU”. He eventually smiled and hugged me while saying, “Peace be with you daw, bati na tayo.” How can I be still mad?

He is my happiness.

I thanked God everyday. Because of him I have you and Jan Carlisle.


Sometimes I just sit around and watch him do his thing and I can’t think of anything but be Grateful for what I have. There are billions of people around the world, but God gave him to me. He is not just an answered prayer, he is more. God gave me more than what I asked for. He gave me someone who knows how to handle every emotion, breakdown, tantrums I have. Someone who knows me too well that I can’t hide anything at all. He is truly my better half.

A piece of advice, don’t get upset when your boyfriend leaves you. It’s okay to cry but don’t lose hope. Stand up and be ready for another adventure. God is there, He is watching. Believe. He is just waiting for the perfect time. Remember, in God’s time.


-Mrs. D 💋