Lily and her precious furbabies πŸ˜­

It was after watching the Movie “MAX”β€”

A Malinois dog that helped American Marines in Afghanistan returns to the United States and is adopted by his handler’s family after suffering a traumatic experience.

read more about it at :Β

β€” that my husband decided he wanted to have a dog. (And not just some dogs, fyi. He actually wanted something like Max) He then asked me to email and inquire about German Shepherds. To cut the story short, we ended up with Dutch Shepherd (Male) named Bourdoux and German Shepherd named Lily (female).


Last March Lily was in her ‘in heat’ period. And you all know what this means! My husband eagerly looked for a partner. Lucky for us we have a friendβ€” Joey’s colleague (K9 trainings) Doc Rod. He let us mate his dog Brewsky to our dear lily.

I was super thrilled! But my excitement was nothing compared to my husband’s. Every day he would check Lily’s out and would asked me for any change I might notice in her body.

A month passed, we went to the vet. No matter how much I tell him that I can see some changes- he still wanted to make sure. The vet on duty tried to touch and feel lily’s tummy. She said she can’t feel anythingβ€” which literally made my husband’s face into a noticeable frown on our way home. I told him we will come back next week and that maybe it was just too early.

For a week, I’ve been hearing a lot of complaining from my husband so I decided to go with him and take Lily to the vet AGAIN and have a pregnancy ultrasound. He was super excited. Finally the vet confirmed it. It felt so good! Real good! all the excitement filling in and the happiness almost like having our own baby as well. HAHA


After that, my husband’s grin was like a 5 year old rewarded with lollipop. He was beaming goofily all the way home. πŸ™‚
Everyday we would talk about Lily and the puppies, how we would take care of them. What they would look like or the characteristics they will have. Every single day.

And come to May 1. I was away on a vacation with my fatherβ€” I received a call from my husband that Lily was on labor. WHICH CAN’T HAPPEN THEN, because she was 1 week away from her due date. That would mean that the babies will be born premature.

He said he saw Lily and felt something was wrong. That’s when he noticed she was starting to give birth! Her first furbaby boy was dead. They tried to save it. He went to the vet immediately. But the vet refused to give any medication and told my husband that they can’t do anything about it. that he should just wait for the other babies to come out, and told him to go home. REALLY? WHO WOULD SAY THAT?

II can hear the sadness in his voice, I wanted to cry. I was so far away from him then. I want to be there for my husband and our dear Lily. I prayed and prayed.

Another call, another male furbaby, this time he was breathing. He gave us hope. I can hear the little bit of happiness in my husband’s voice. Though the puppy seemed weak, it was fighting for it’s life.

Little Brewsky Fighting for his life

And another call – a total of 7 puppies 5 of them were female and 2 of them were male. Only one survived. I stayed up all night comforting my husband. I can feel his world crashing down. I tried to be brave for him. I tried not to cry while talking to him but deep down, I am breaking into pieces.

Bye furbabies ….

Our furbaby Little Brewsky stayed and fought for his life for 2 days.

Lily and Little Brewsky

I wasn’t able to see any of them. I went home and hugged Lily for a while. She put her head on my shoulder and stayed like that for a couple of minutes.

I felt so sorry for her. She was looking for her puppies. She had a lot of milk to give and feed them. She was a good mother to them. She wasn’t able to enjoy and care for her puppies. 6 of them were dead when they came out. it was so heartbreaking.

We had some misgivings, we didn’t anticipate the heat outside. Maybe, she was stressed out by how hot it is. We know that by now and completely regret that what we did isn’t enough.

We learned our lesson… the hard way. We’re gonna be better moving forward. But right now, all we can hope for is Lily’s fast recovery. I may not know what’s on her mind but as a mother I know it is very difficult for her.

And so our only goal right now is to show Lily how much we love her and that we will always have her back. AJA!!


-Mrs. D πŸ’‹