LOLA Cafe + Bar

It was Mother’s Day and my husband was busy surfing the internet looking for a place we could celebrate and possibly have a decent meal. It wasn’t long enough before he landed on the page about Lola Cafe + Bar. After reading some feedbacks and looking at the menuโ€” he decided to call for a reservation

Actually, we weren’t expecting them to accept us, because it’s Mother’s day and usuallyโ€” almost all places are booked. Considering a resto like this oneโ€” it must have been in full house. But luckily they were kind enough to accept our reservation since were 1 hour ahead from our actual arrival.

The place is easy to find and they have a huge space for a parking lot – big yey!!

They greeted us nicely and brought us to our table – which was at the left corner of the second floor.

18553807_1382960718458481_670232786_o (1)_edited
I love that Quote by Julia Child

You know what? I actually like the interior design of the place! There are plants hanging around the walls, but the lights were the best part. They really matched the greenery which definitely gives the guests a relaxing vibe. Here are some snaps I got while waiting for our order.

18618606_1382962428458310_2107737341_o (3)_edited


18553634_1382962175125002_443560558_o (1)_edited.jpg

18575549_1382961531791733_1623406871_o (1)_edited

18596893_1382962235124996_1885566637_o (1)_edited

See what I mean? Plus good music in the background (they have an amazing setlist) adds up to the feel-good message they wanted to portray.

For our veggie, we ordered Laing and Ensaladang Talong.

18575023_1382960891791797_270170489_o (1)_edited
Ensaladang Talong

For meatโ€” we had the Salpicao. It was very delicious! Would’ve been nicer if the beef was a bit more tender. But other than that, it tastes perfect!

We ordered the Sinigang with a twist- their sinigang is mixed with watermelonโ€” which makes the soup red. I forgot what they call it though. (busy taking care of my baby). Though I wasn’t able to take a photo, I guess I described it enough for you to be able to picture it out.

We also had the Crispy PATA but they named it differentlyโ€” which I forgot AGAIN. DEFINITELY ONE FOR THE AGES! It’s one thing you shouldn’t miss if you visit this place. Super crispy!

18574978_1382960678458485_1575913772_o (1)_edited
Super Crips!

Of Course โ€” what’s a meal without chicken? we ordered the Lola Fried Chicken. No photo again because it was served while we were having dinnerโ€” I was too wrapped up in all the great meals and didn’t bother to stop for a photo op.

As expectedโ€” the chicken is crispy as well. Good thing for me because I’m fond of crispy fried food.


It was indeed a night to remember!

Place is good, ambiance is good, staffs are good and the food is amazing!

Will definitely go back!


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