Masungi Georeserve Adventure

What is Masungi Georeserve?

The Masungi Georeserve is a conservation area and a rustic rock garden tucked in the rainforests of Rizal. Masungi’s name is derived from the word “masungki” which translates to “spiked” – an apt description for the sprawling limestone landscape found within.

In this sanctuary, guests will be able to commune with nature, and reenergise themselves while doing so. Wander through our pathways for an encounter with wildlife and plant species. Enjoy light snacks before exiting the trail. Learn more about the history of the place introducing you to a community rich with heritage and life.

For more info visit their website (

I’ve been wanting to go here for quite a while now, so when my Mommy asked if I want to join them on their Masungi trip, without hesitation I gladly said yes.

Since we’re scheduled for the 9:30am tour, we had to wake up early to get ready. Thanks to Waze we were able to make it. We arrived at the destination around 8:50.


After putting on sunblocks and mosquito repellent lotions, we proceeded to the reception area. Okay, so from the parking area it took us about 15-20 minutes to go to the reception area. Somewhat a long walk already, a very wonderful warm up! HAHAHA

I am advising you to take a trip to the restroom before anything else, imagine a 3 to 4-hour trail without any restroom along the way. After our trips to the restroom we were gathered at the table.

Park Ranger – Jayson

A short introduction was done by a Representative of the Masungi. Kuya Jayson gave as a brief background about the Masungi and we were told that they are not our tour guide but our Park Ranger since they are the ones who protect the area.

We were asked to observe silence all throughout the tour because we might disturb some animals or other adventurers. According to kuya Jayson, they started developing the area year 2013. Finally had it opened to the public December 2015. Yes, just a year ago. After the short briefing which I think went only for 10 minutes, we were told to pick our helmets and always always wear it. Lastly, he said “leave no trace” and we were given a bottled water each for free.

Park Ranger- Carlito

We were then introduced to our Park Ranger Carlito, he was the one assigned to accommodate us during our adventure. Before proceeding to the tour, he let us have our last trip to the restrooms.

And so the adventure begins….

First we entered Lagusan ni Ric which according to Carlito, Ric is also a Park Ranger who uses the trail every day so it was named after him.

17392142_1316068985147655_1134972253_n (1)

Paroot is an animal usually seen in this area. So they obviously named the stop after it. First challenge.

There in Paroot lay a rope like web we’re going to climb. First we were asked to brush all our shoes to maintain the cleanliness of the ropes. And tada! it’s time to climb. It can hold a max of 3 pax at the same time. There would be no body support so you will have to do it by yourself. Don’t worry there is an alternative route— the stairs.

17351322_1313944585360095_1636947097_n.jpgWe walked and walked before finally reaching the famous SAPOT. it is a big Spider Web like viewing platform. You can get a spectacular view of Laguna de Bay – the biggest lake in the Philippines – and the amazing colors of the trees. We were given 15 minutes to enjoy the area.

look at that face! HAHAHA

This stone formation is just beneath the Sapot, this is not really a part of the tour. This is one of the “Buwis Buhay Shot”. Be careful, it’s really deep down there.

We then passed this long bridge.


Don’t worry there are some resting spots along the way. Duyans are provided as well if you want to lay down for a while, or catch your breathe- like me.

Breathe in, Breathe out
PArk Ranger, Ruben

Along the way we met Park Ranger Kuya Ruben. According to kuya Carlito later we will pass a cave which he (kuya Ruben) discovered himself. Exciting, right?

Heart Shaped ❤

I had to post this – so cute.

See the pictures above? Those are woods, branches scattered around the area, this is how Ruben dealt with them. According to Carlito – he does this so that it will be pleasing to the eyes, and this way it will deteriorate and be a fertilizer. 17237075_1373408686013993_1484220476_o_edited.jpg

This area is called the KUWAGO.

(owl. n. a bird having a big head, big eyes, and a short-hooked beak)

Because according to kuya this is the shape of their nest.


It was named KUWAGO also because this is where they are usually spotted.


Sad to say, along the way I got injured. I can barely fold my legs. It was so hard because majority of the trail is stairs. Imagine me trying to go up and down the stairs without folding my knees, hard right? But I kept going.


Another web like rope we need to climb.

From left: Tita Tess, Tita Grace, Papa, Mommy, Gerri, Vino and yours truly 🙂

Look at that view! It was all worth it!

Next challenge….17349217_10154731270209340_1689253432_o_edited.jpg

Going down the other side. Still using the web-like rope here. There is still no harness or anything to support you, so be careful.


I maybe smiling because I am really excited and happy about this adventure, but deep down I am also praying that nothing will happen to me, because like what I’ve said – I was already injured.


Welcome to the famous DUYAN.

(duyan :cradle, hammock, swing)


A very long Duyan. I almost dropped my cellphone Thanked God my hands are quick!

Enter a caption

If you are afraid of heights, Don’t look down. Don’t you dare.

While waiting for the others, you can just relax and enjoy the scenery. We were very lucky because it was not a sunny day, rather windy! A little bit cold, actually.



You have to walk your way through the Duyan, Don’t worry handles are provided above you. Grab them so it will be ,much easier for you. Like what my father is doing in the picture.

Just keep walking.

Pak Ganern!

This is the air house. A house like form in between two bridges. So basically it is a floating house.


Inside the air house, in a panorama style. Such a beauty, right?

Not to mention it was really relaxing inside, the view is breathtaking!


Next stop….


This is the cave discovered by Ruben. Only a small portion of the cave is accessible for the tourist. Because some areas have bats in them, they want to preserve everything.


Entrance to Ruben’s cave is very romantic, scented candles and lamps are lit up. It gave me a relaxing and happy vibes.

17311804_1312801248807762_2036439690_o_edited.jpgWishing well inside Ruben’s Cave. I did throw a coin over there. 🙂


Up up we go.

peace out!

Whenever we have a stop over I make sure to relax my legs for a while. They’re killing me!


This is TATAY ( Father), this is the highest point accessible at the moment. Tatay is 600 meters above sea level. According to Carlito Masungi is actually 1500 hectares trail, but as of the moment 300 hectares is the only accesibles since they are still developing the other areas. Originally there were 25 people working for the development of the area, since it was a really hard job – they are now down to 8. God bless them!

This is not the Peek yet. I was almost there but didn’t go up anymore because of the pain I feel on my legs. But it’s okay. the view here is already enough to be thankful for. The rest of my family went up while I stayed here and waited.


Next stop is Nanay, I wanted to go up there but Carlito and my Papa were worried.

I saw how worried my Papa was. I was trying to hide the pain but he knew otherwise.

I wanted to but I know I shouldn’t, I need to rest my knees. it’s already too painful to bear. I agreed to stay behind. I don’t want to push my limits because we were very far away. If something happens, I don’t want to be a burden. I need this time to relax and gain my energy.

Teary eyed HUHU

While waiting, I enjoyed the silence and the solitude the area brings. The sounds of the trees dancing with the wind is overflowing. God is really amazing. His creation is wonderful.


NANAY (mother) peek the second tallest. This is what I’ve missed. But it’s okay. At Least I was able to rest for a little bit longer.


Last challenged is the BAYAWAK (monitor Lizard)

It is a rope shaped like the Bayawak. It took 3 months to build.

I have two choices, either go down via Bayawak or via stairs. I choosed the Bayawak because it is challenging and an adventure. Also because it would be easier for me. I don’t have to bend my knees every step. It depends on how far will I put my other leg. So, therefor it is easier.

I don’t have a picture because I was the first one to do it, with Carlito beside me.

Thanked God I made it!



There are restrooms finally! Food is included in the Package.

Bananas, Greens, Tuna spread, wheat bread and Juice!


I was given a hot bag for my knees. Thank you!

We stayed there for a while before finally proceeding to the exit.

17342196_1373412456013616_492831523_o.jpgI am so happy! Almost there!

Again I was given options – use the stairs or use the SNAKE ( a new attraction they are still developing). I said I’ll have the stairs since I don’t want any special treatment. I want to finish this.

Gerri (my Sister), Vino (her boyfriend), and me

Goofing around while we are having a quick break.


This is a Snap of the Snake trail.


I made it, I was able to finish it! I am so happy and proud of myself. I may be injured and limping -I don’t care! What I accomplished that day is incomparable. Every step of the way is worth it. Every view makes me feel so blessed to be alive. I am so grateful for this experienced.

For those who are nature lovers, those who are searching for their soul, those who needs to have some peace of mind or solitude, those who want an adventure – THIS IS THE PLACE for you.

We’ve been told that soon enough there will be camping on the area, a tour that will take you 2 days to finish. I want that. I will be back!

for more infos, Bookings and reservations kindly visit there website :

I hope you had a great time!


-Mrs. D  💋


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