The Guy Who…….

“Hope for love, pray for love, wish for love, dream for love…but don’t put your life on hold waiting for love.”
Mandy Hale, The Single Woman: Life, Love, and a Dash of Sass

Since it’s almost Valentine’s my first blog is about Love. ❤

We girls always have that Ideal man in our minds, The-Guy-Who will love you, The-Guy-Who will take care for you, The-Guy-Who will make you fall in love over and over again. That one (1) Guy who will sweep you off your feet.

After all the heartbreaks I’ve been through, God finally answered my prayers. It was the most unexpected moment, in an unexpected place.

I finally found the ONE (1). The-Guy-Who respects me, The-Guy-Who loves me, The-Guy-Who cares for me, The-Guy-Who I will spend the rest of my lifetime with.

Let me share to you my short collection–these are  pictures of my Husband and I, entitled:


Flaws and all, he showed me nothing but acceptance and love.

I may look “okay” on the outside but there are battles inside me I face everyday. Battles within myself whether I am good enough or not, whether I am doing just fine or terribly bad. But my husband, he accepts every flaw I have. he never made me feel less of a person. No matter how awful I get. He always makes me feel that I am perfect, I am beautiful, I am sexy and I am the only woman he loves.

 ” ‘Yang kasungitan mo, ‘yang pagiinarte mo, pagiging childish mo, tanggap ko yan. Hindi ikaw yung Carlang minahal ko kung hindi ka ganyan.”

“Eh ano kung tumaba ka? hindi ko naman napapansin kasi sakin sexy ka pa din, yang stretchmarks mo mahal ko yan! Dahil jan meron akong Baby JC!”

He can turn my frown into a smile, tears into happiness.

One thing I love about this guy, he never says no to the things that would make me happy. I know if he could give me the World without hesitation, he would. Just like that. And I know I’ll do the same for him.

On our early months in the relationship, he often talks of having me as his wife.

Months into relationship and he was not afraid to talked about our future together. He often says that Me and his family are his reasons to go on with life.

He respects me.

He has his temper, yes. But he never yelled at me. Not even once. He respects my decisions and my beliefs.

Self confess picture addict. 

I belong to the 99% percent Selfie addict people, while he belongs to that 1% left of the population. But I am thankful enough that he participates on my gimmicks and trips. I hate “KJs”, like duuuh it’s just a picture. Not like it’s gonna kill you or anything.  I just want to capture the moment ye know?.

He is now practicing how to take instagrammable photos because of me. *wink*

Make God  the center of your relationship.

There was a time that I got mad at him because of something, I was pregnant back then.

“Simba tayo.” he said. And as the Priest said the word “PEACE BE WITH YOU”. He eventually smiled and hugged me while saying, “Peace be with you daw, bati na tayo.” How can I be still mad?

He is my happiness.

I thanked God everyday. Because of him I have you and Jan Carlisle.


Sometimes I just sit around and watch him do his thing and I can’t think of anything but be Grateful for what I have. There are billions of people around the world, but God gave him to me. He is not just an answered prayer, he is more. God gave me more than what I asked for. He gave me someone who knows how to handle every emotion, breakdown, tantrums I have. Someone who knows me too well that I can’t hide anything at all. He is truly my better half.

A piece of advice, don’t get upset when your boyfriend leaves you. It’s okay to cry but don’t lose hope. Stand up and be ready for another adventure. God is there, He is watching. Believe. He is just waiting for the perfect time. Remember, in God’s time.


-Mrs. D 💋


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